Virtual Agent Registration

  • Refer Property Owners & Clients with Easy to use tool
  • Receive Monthly uncapped commission when referred Properties are rented or sold
  • Receive Monthly uncapped commission when referred Clients Rent or Buy any Property
  • No computer experience needed
  • Everyone can do it
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What is a Virtual Agent?

Ever wondered how you can earn that little bit extra every month from the comfort of your home or office without having to work a part time job?

Well here''s your solution! At QuickLets we offer the all new Virtual Agent Concept. As a Virtual Agent, all you have to do is promote our services as property consultants with promotional codes and very simple invitation tools to find property owners and clients, from the comfort of your home.

Refer Property Owner

There are 3 ways which can be used to refer property owners
  1. From your Virtual Agent account you can submit the names and phone numbers of property owners you might know or even if you notice any property for sale or let when you're out and about.
  2. You can also send invitation Emails directly to property owners Emails from your Virtual Agent account which includes a special sign-up link. If any register, they will benefit from a discount
  3. When registering as a Virtual Agent, your account will contain a unique owner coupon code which can be given to any property owner interested to list his/her property with QuickLets.
There are 3 ways which can be used to refer property owners
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Refer Clients / Buyer

You can refer clients by sending them your unique client coupon code through the client promotional tool, or you can give them the coupon code directly. The people looking to rent a property have an incentive to use your coupon code! When enquiring for any property, there is an option to redeem a coupon. This is where they input the code you gave them. They will benefit from a 5% discount on the agency fee when letting and you will receive 5% of the full months rent as a commission! If the property you recommended to them is 1000 Euro per month you will get 50 Euro commission.

When you refer a buyer to us we give you an outright 5% of our 5% commission! This means If we sell a property for 200K you will get 500 Euro Commission! YES WE ARE MAD!