Limassol, Cyprus - Where Everything Really Is Taking Place

Limassol, Cyprus - Where Everything Really Is Taking Place

Where history and modernity meet

The Cypriot city of Limassol is today an enthralling mix of the historic and the modern. Inhabited for more than 4,000 years and with its centre still dominated by a medieval castle, the city of some 200,000 people oozes with all the charm of history and the colour and vibrancy of modernity. It’s a combination that makes Limassol a place where everything takes place.

Festival heaven

As the second largest urban area in Cyprus after the capital Nicosia, Limassol promises to offer both visitors and residents alike an almost endless choice of events and activities for all the family. Among the must-sees in the annual Limassol calendar is the famous Carnival, with its masquerade parties, balls and grand parades of colourful floats. Also, not to be missed are the Flower Festival which takes place in May and the Wine Festival, held each year around the end of August. Whether it’s music, cars, dance, or film, hardly a month goes by without Limassol hosting a festival.

Action and adventure

For all those who love sport and adventure, Limassol once again delivers. Set along the shimmering blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, water sports fans in Limassol can enjoy their favourite activities all year round. For those who take their athletics seriously, there’s also the annual Limassol marathon and the very special Lemesia International Sporting Event. Originally created to encourage the residents of Limassol to become more active, this 10-day festival now sees athletes from all over the world converge on Limassol every October to compete in boxing, karate, triathlon, marathon, shooting, rhythmic gymnastics and cycling. And never forget that one of the greatest things about living in or visiting Cyprus is that you can swim in the warm Mediterranean in the morning and then find yourself skiing on the Troodos Mountains in the afternoon. The nearby mountains, of course, are also great for mountain biking with the Cyprus Sunshine Cup attracting some of the very best in the business every February.

“For you, in my respect, are all the world."

The awe-inspiring ancient theatre at Kourion, just outside Limassol, with its wonderful acoustics and beautiful location has been the scene for theatre and music for more than 2,000 years. You can easily imagine the above quote from William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream applying to this place, especially during the annual Shakespeare Festival held each June. This is just one of the many theatrical and cultural events which make Limassol a magnet for those who enjoy the finer things in life.

Eating, Drinking, Dancing

Like many of the major towns and cities in Cyrpus, Limassol has a huge range of fantastic restaurants, stylish cafes, bars, pubs and clubs. This means that you will never be far away from a great meal or a pulsating party especially along the city’s seafront, close to the famous Marina which can accommodate hundreds of vessels and allows berthing for ocean-going yachts. A night out in Limassol is also the perfect opportunity to sample one of the world class wines or beers which are crafted throughout the region.

Not just for fun

Beyond the history, culture, sport and nightlife, Limassol is bursting with economic opportunity. Not only is Limassol a major tourist destination but it is the major seaport of Cyprus. In fact, the city has two ports with the newer port able to accommodate about ten ships at any one time and through which a great percentage of the country’s imports and exports flow. Limassol is also one of the country’s biggest industrial centres with a manufacturing base that produces everything from shoes to electronics. In more recent years, Limassol has become increasingly attractive for remote workers looking to find a vibrant, accessible, cosmopolitan base in which to live while pursuing their careers. 

Property in Limassol

With so much to offer, it is no surprise that Limassol has experienced a property boom over several years as both Cypriot and international investors seek to capitalise on the city’s unique characteristics. The redevelopment of Limassol, particularly the redesign of its promenade and significant improvements to the city’s infrastructure have allowed the city to grow without taking anything away from its historic charm and relaxed vibe. Limassol is a great base for anyone looking to live in Cyprus. It’s not just a place where everything happens but its location on the island’s Southern Coast makes it ideal for accessing all the other major urban centres of Cyprus including Paphos to the West, Larnaca to the East and Nicosia to the North. 

QuickLets in Cyprus

The QuickLets story began in Malta in 2013 with a commitment to innovation within the real estate industry. The company’s focus on approachability and professionalism has seen it grow exponentially both in Malta and, more recently in Cyprus. Having launched QuickLets Cyprus in 2020 with offices in both Nicosia and Limassol, the company now has more than 2,900 properties listed on its website. Led by a team of twelve energetic real estate agents, QuickLets Cyprus continues to make significant inroads into the market, achieving great results over the past two years.

Get in touch

The contact details for the QuickLets Cyprus Limassol branch can be found on our website. Our website also has details of all the residential and commercial properties which are currently available to rent in Limassol and across Cyprus.

Our dedicated, on the ground team has all the necessary experience and information to help guide you towards finding the perfect rental property in Limassol. Their intricate knowledge of market trends and how to leverage them coupled with the traditional hospitality of Southern Cyprus will set you on the way to your dream property. 

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