Why rent a home in Limassol

Why rent a home in Limassol

There’s a place in the sun for everyone

There is scarcely an area of the globe that has not been explored, and in most places, seen urban developments rise slowly and inch back from the coastline. 

Thankfully however, some of these locations manage to find the perfect blend between economic expansion, and retaining a cultural history drenched in tradition and pride. 

Limassol is clearly one of these not so hidden gems. Dipping its coastal toes into the warm Mediterranean Sea, with an inspiring natural backdrop of forests and mountain tops, this city is one of the best places to look at renting property in Cyprus, and below we illustrate a few of the reasons why. 


History and culture 

As one of the largest cities in Cyprus, it is difficult to walk the narrowed streets without your ears transitioning from hearing local Greek dialects, to strong expatriate accents within just a few steps. 

Renting property in Limassol puts you amongst an blossoming cultural scene reflecting traditions and tastebuds from around the globe. The result being a city where you can be wandering through ancient ruins and vineyards in the morning, and sampling some of the best fusion cuisine north of the equator once the sun goes down the same day. Food builds bridges across borders, and sitting amongst friends, family or even strangers, it somehow always seems as though you belong exactly where you are. 

Economic growth 

With a vast portion of Cyprus foreign trade coming via Limassol’s port, the growth in investments, job creation and subsequent expansion of real estate development places Limassol as one of the leading economic hubs on the island. 

This boom in development has meant an increase in available property to rent in Limassol, all whilst providing the opportunity to choose a home and a lifestyle that matches with your goals and aspirations. Suburban apartments, luxury townhouses and even farmhouses with expanses of land are all available to rent for either short or long term in and around Limassol. 

Nature and city side by side 

Whether you like walking barefoot across hilltops with the scent of pine needles filling your lungs, or skipping through city streets and sampling seaside tapas, there really is something for everyone, making renting property in Limassol all the more inviting. 

Natural wonder and urban ingenuity are all easily within reach of each other, whilst still affording you the ability to completely lose yourself in the landscape of your choice. Sitting on the sand with indiscernible sea swells lapping at your feet, you can slowly take in a 360 degree view that includes snow capped mountains, dense forest, traditional villages and a marina and promenade that seems to stretch off far into the sunset. 

Modern supermarkets and business centres rub shoulders with ancient taverns and architectural heritage sites. Yet all transitioning seamlessly from one street to the next and available on your doorstep. 

With post card sunsets, mind bending food menus and a vibrant and welcoming community, taking the decision to rent property in Limassol is an easy one. But this is not a journey that needs to be taken alone. 

QuickLets Cyprus has a dedicated, on the ground team with all of the necessary experience and information to help guide you towards finding the perfect rental property in Limassol. 

Our agents have access to an extensive database covering the city and all surrounding areas, with an intricate knowledge of market trends for all localities, and how to leverage them. So give us a call or stop by our offices to get a taste of Southern Cyprus hospitality and find out where your dreams can take you. 

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David Brookes